Time table

Thursday, 7th August:
Practice times available from 7 am – 18 pm, first come, first served basis.
All times are reserved for You, i e no members or guests will be playing.
You book Your tee in the reception at the signup sheet. No reservation in advance.

Wednesday, 8th August:
ProAm the whole day
Please note that it is not possible for practice rounds on Wednesday. It is also not permitted to play practice rounds in the evening after the ProAm.

Thursday, 9th August:
The first day of competition.
Tee times, R1, look at webpage: www.letaccess.com

Friday, 10th August:
The second day of competition.
Tee times, R2, look at webpage: www.letaccess.com
Cut after 36 holes.

Saturday, 11th August:
The last day of competition.
Tee times, R3, look at webpage: www.letaccess.com
Prize ceremony in connection with the competition.
Prize to best amateur.

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